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Find businesses in your area who offer delivery or pick up (curbside and/or in store) and show your support for local businesses through the challenges of Covid-19.


Yes, we're open!

With social distancing in full swing, local shops are doing what they can to stay open and continue to operate.


Pick up & delivery

Find businesses in your neighborhood who have existing or recently introduced delivery and pick up options.


Support local business

Let's stand together and show support for our communities by buying from local businesses.

What is is a free directory to help match shoppers with local restaurants, shops and services who are open for business with pick up and delivery options during this time.

Small business employs well over half of the workforce in North America today. Supporting local businesses now means helping secure their future in your community.

How it works

For Shoppers
  1. Search your area and select a local business to order from.
  2. Follow the instructions/notes provided by the business to place an order for pick up or delivery.
  3. Tell a friend and share on social media to encourage others to buy locally.
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For Businesses
  1. Determine what service you will provide and outline delivery or pick up instructions for your customers on your website or have them ready for customers who call in.
  2. Complete the registration and listing forms to have your business listed. Listings may take up to 24 hours to appear on the directory and can be edited anytime if your services, hours, or details change.
  3. Spread the word!
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Let's buy locally!

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